Zetaclear Review

Against nail fungus remedies one of the most recommended is the vinegar, the use of which has already proved useful in combating mold on the walls. It will be enough to fill a tray for a third of white vinegar and two thirds of lukewarm water, leaving then feet submerged for about 15-20 minutes once a day. The most sensitive subjects may show cases of skin irritation, the advice in these cases is to increase the ratio in favor of the water, thereby reducing the part vinegar.

Another natural remedy recommended to combat fungi and bacteria that can affect the nails is garlic, thanks to its high antibacterial and antifungal natural. You can exploit it to mush reducing clove and then applying it on the affected part, finally wrapping it with a sterile gauze.

Alternatively, the healing properties of garlic can be exploited realizing a compound enclosing the beneficial characteristics of the lemon. The gist of both these remedies will then poured into a little 'warm water, not hot, to be applied on the affected parts or used to soak their nails zetaclear review sore.